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My grief coaching clients attest to the powerful results they experienced with my excellent support and expert guidance. They recognize the life-changing benefits they received. Many of them return for deeper work, and in turn, refer friends, family, and colleagues. I invite you to look at my client testimonials. Sometimes it helps to see how other grieving people have healed in order to trust that this is also possible for you.

You are worthy of the highest level of support and care in your grief, and always.


My name is Robin Held and I provide this, working with you privately and confidentially one-on-one  to heal your heart and move forward with confidence and clarity.


Call me and let's begin.


Schedule a free consultation session with Robin. 

In our call, we will discuss the grief that is heaviest on your heart and coaching options I can provide.

Consultation is required before registering as a client.

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Here are the paths of satisfied and return clients. 

Which path is right for you? Let’s talk to find out. 

Heal Your Heart: 
Navigating Significant Losses

Most clients start here. Grief coaching provides you with the personalized support, new tools, and expert guidance you need to navigate the complex and often overwhelming experience of grief. 

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Living Your Next Life Chapter with Confidence 

Start here if you are ready to reimagine and create your new life after significant personal or professional loss.

Personalized executive coaching and life coaching focus on the future you are sculpting, and set you up for success as you move through your grief and into your next life chapter.

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Negotiating with 
Confidence and Power 

Start here if you are facing a big decision about an important relationship or job and want a win-win outcome.

Negotiation coaching strengthens your abilities to confidently ask for what you want, manage expectations, and practice specific strategies to confidently take your next personal or professional step forward. 

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The emotional pain of unresolved grief, personal and professional, is as worthy of your attention, care, and support as a physical injury. 

I can help you most if you are:

  • Navigating the rocky terrain of grief (start with Heal Your Heart)
  • Reimagining your life after loss (start with Transform)
  • Making a big decision and negotiating a high-stakes situation after loss, like a divorce, a new job, a promotion (start with Flourish)

One-on-one grief coaching with me provides a private, confidential container of excellent support and expert guidance. It provides you with the support, tools, and guidance you need to navigate the rocky terrain of your unique grief and most urgent challenges.

 Working with me can save you time, money, and unnecessary suffering. It is an investment in yourself, with life-changing value and powerful benefits.

Are you ready to begin?

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Working one-on-one with Robin, here are some of the life-changing benefits available to you. Imagine how you will feel when you:

  • feel less exhausted, less “stuck” in your grief
  • gain a structured plan for healing
  • learn tools to self-soothe and care for yourself during grief’s waves of pain
  • gain self-trust in your ability to support yourself through grief’s ebbs and flows
  • learn new ways to help you manage your grief
  • become less self-critical, which will support your healing
  • understand better why you are feeling anxious, and learn ways to calm your anxiety
  • compare less often your loss to other people’s losses
  • understand, and have more self-compassion for, why you feel angry, guilty, or relieved
  • understand what old wounds keep coming up for you and how to heal them
  • learn new tools to begin to release your anger, your guilt, and your old wounds
  • feel more self-assured that you can support yourself whatever comes your way


Let's Talk

How do you decide if grief coaching with me is right for you? Schedule a free consultation call (phone or zoom).  

During our call we will discuss: 

  • what is most urgent and challenging for you in your grief
  • coaching options I can offer to support your healing
  • whether or not we are a good match for grief coaching
  • your powerful decision
  • next steps

During our call, I will support you in making a powerful decision about whether grief coaching with me is right for you, and help you get clear on the timing, and the investment in your healing.

If you decide you want to work together, we can start right away. Together, we can ease your suffering and heal your heart.


Grief coaching is important support but it is not a crisis lifeline. If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, please contact one of these 24-hour crisis lifelines.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Or text LOVEIS to 22522

The Trevor Project

Robin Held, Grief Coach

Principal, Robin Held Grief Coach LLC

I help people grieve fully and live fully. I can help you most if you are:

  • navigating the rocky terrain of grief (Heal Your Heart)
  • reimagining your life after loss (Transform)
  • making a big decision or negotiating a high-stakes situation after loss, like a divorce, a new job, a promotion (Flourish)
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