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Transform: Living your Next Life Chapter with Confidence

Grief often causes us to reimagine the life we want to live. Personalized executive and life coaching help you not just envision a life that lights you up but helps you grow into living it.

This one-on-one coaching series provides specialized tools, support, and guidance to help you create your vision, strategy, and plan, and build confidence to execute them.

Imagine how you will feel when you:

  • gain clarity and set goals, professional and/or personal, in alignment with your values
  • create a vision and path for professional growth and development
  • focus on burning bright not burning out 
  • Have excellent support and expert guidance for your accountability and motivation
  • Enhance your self-confidence 
  • Improve your decision-making 

TRANSFORM includes 8 private, confidential coaching sessions via Zoom and weekly assignments $3,000

TRANSFORM+ includes 20 private confidential coaching sessions via zoom and weekly assignments $7,500



If you are ready to begin, please set up a free 30-minute call. In your session, we’ll explore coaching options to support your important transitions and biggest dreams.

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