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Heal Your Heart: Navigating Significant Losses

Grief coaching provides you with the personalized support, new tools, and expert guidance you need to navigate the complex and often overwhelming experience of grief.

Working one-on-one with Robin, here are some of the life-changing and long-lasting benefits available to you. Imagine how you will feel when you:

  • feel less exhausted, less “stuck” in your grief
  • gain a structured plan for healing
  • learn tools to self-soothe and care for yourself during grief’s waves of pain
  • gain more self-trust in your ability to support yourself through grief’s ebbs and flows
  • learn healthy coping strategies to help you manage your grief
  • become less self-critical, which will support your healing
  • understand why you are feeling anxious, and learn ways to calm your anxiety
  • compare less often your loss to other people’s losses
  • understand, and have more self-compassion for, why you feel angry, guilty, or relieved
  • understand what old wounds keep coming up for you and how to heal them
  • learn new tools to begin to release your anger, your guilt, and your old wounds
  • feel more self-assured that you can support yourself whatever comes your way

 HEAL YOUR HEART includes 8 private, confidential coaching sessions via Zoom, a handbook, and weekly assignments $3,000 

HEAL YOUR HEART+ includes 20 private, confidential coaching sessions via zoom, a handbook, and weekly assignments $7,500

If you are ready to begin, please set up a free 30-minute call. In your session, we’ll talk about your loss and explore coaching options I can provide to support your healing and growth.

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