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Flourish: Negotiating with Confidence and Power 

Do you have a big decision to make or an important issue to navigate in your personal or professional life?

 Strengthen your negotiation muscles, learn to confidently ask for what you want, manage expectations, and practice specific strategies to confidently take your next personal or professional step forward.

Together, we focus on strengthening your skills and preparing you to negotiate with your employer (current or potential), or navigate an important personal relationship through big decisions and change. 

Here are some of the life-changing and long-lasting benefits available to you through negotiation coaching. Imagine how you will feel when you:

  • learn to prepare for any negotiation
  • negotiate with confidence
  • create solutions that are win-win
  • improve your active listening skills to maximize value
  • identify strategies to effectively deal with conflict and impasse 
  • know when and how to walk away from a job or a relationship

FLOURISH includes 8 private, confidentialcoaching sessions via Zoom and weekly assignments. Price on request.

Customized. Repeatable.

If you are ready to begin, please set up a free 30-minute call. In your session, we’ll talk about your situation and explore coaching I can provide to support your goals.

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